How to Have an Apartment Yard Sale

Odds are you’ve got too much stuff; everybody ends up having the same problem at one time or another. Fortunately there are plenty of easy and effective ways to get rid of old and unwanted items; probably the most popular and most common method is the traditional garage or yard sale. At first this may seem a bit odd, an apartment yard sale seems like a difficult thing to organize, but believe it or not there are quite a few easy ways to hold a successful apartment yard sale

If you aren’t sure where to start then you should begin by finding out about yard sales in your area or in your apartment community. Many apartment communities host community wide yard sales in which all residents are encouraged to participate; these are the best possible scenario because there will often be plenty of advertising for the event and there will always be lots of people. Talk to your landlord and other residents to see if anyone knows anything about a community wide apartment yard sale; if you find out that there isn’t already a planned yard sale then you could take this opportunity to plan one for the community if you wish.

A second good option for apartment yard sales is to simply plan and execute your own yard sale. This might be more work because there won’t be anyone else to spread the word but if you’re in a good location this could prove to be just as effective as a community wide yard sale. To begin with make sure you can get permission from your landlord or apartment complex management; this is a critical step because it’s never a good thing to violate community rules. Once you’ve got everything approved then it really all just comes down to planning and executing your apartment yard sale.

As always the date and time are very important so try to find a date that doesn’t conflict with any major events or holidays in your area; this will help maximize the number of people you should expect at your apartment yard sale. Once all of these details are set you should start advertising and promoting your yard sale. Obviously the most popular advertising methods include signs and flyers posted all around the area to draw attention though recently technology has begun to have an impact on yard sales as well. You might want to consider posting your yard sale on sites like Craigslist as a way to draw in additional shoppers as well.

Finally you need to actually decide what you will be selling in your yard sale. Obviously the plan is to sell extra or unneeded items you’ve accumulated in your apartment so find any of these items and begin to set them aside so you can begin to price everything. In order to reduce work on the day of your apartment yard sale make sure everything has a price clearly marked on it; it might just be a suggested price but having some sort of dollar amount on each of your items will definitely help you make some sales.

The last thing to do is actually execute the sale. This should be the easy part if you properly planned and organized the entire event. Make sure you’re ready to spend basically all day at your yard sale; there is no sense in ending early because that will just turn away potential shoppers. Also make sure to have plenty of cash available to make change if someone wants to buy an item. And finally, make sure you remember the purpose behind your apartment yard sale; obviously you want to make some money but in the end the purpose might be to just clean out your apartment, if this is the case then don’t hesitate to take less money than you were originally asking for some of your items.


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2 responses to “How to Have an Apartment Yard Sale

  1. Shanghai apartment

    Really learn a lot from your ideas!

  2. Angela

    Now that the weather is cooling down this is the perfect time to have a yard sale. I really like the idea of a community wide yard sale, especially for those living in an apartment. It’s a great way to maximize your sale.

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